About Us

Andersen Care Agency is a trusted provider of flexible temporary and permanent staff to the care industry in the London and southeast areas.

Andersen Care Agency are involved in the provision of personal care and support for those individuals who cannot wholly look after themselves completely without assistance regardless of age, sex, race, cultural or religious beliefs.

We provide our service either within a care home environment or in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience and in ways you will find most agreeable.

Central to our belief in Andersen Care, are the Care needs requirements  of service Users and their family members, these ethos have evolved into sound principles for the way we run our business –

At Andersen Care, we aim to provide each of our service Users with an individual package of care that contributes to his or her overall personal and health care needs and preferences.  We will also liaise and cooperate with other  relevant local authorities, social care services and professionals to help maximise each Service User’s independence, to ensure as much as possible their participation in their respective communities

At Andersen Care Agency, as part of our delivery of Care services, we aim to ensure that a service User’s care needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed, right from initial referral, through needs and risk assessment, to the development of a service User’s care plan, whilst ensuring that the care and support provided by the agency have the flexibility to respond to the ever changing care needs and requirements of Service Users.

Andersen Care undertakes to recruit its workers from within the local community to be serviced by a contract. We believe that by recruiting local Care Staff, we are able to maximise our retention levels, and this reduces the amount of time spent on travel, thus providing maximum capacity of service to our Clients.

Andersen Care Agency is an Equal Opportunity Employer which means no candidate or applicant is treated less favourably as a result of their age, gender, sexual orientation, cultural and religious values and beliefs, race, creed, disability, appearance or any other personal attributes. We value diversity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds. We work in collaboration with our clients to ensure strict adherence to all the relevant laws and regulations relating to equality and diversity

Andersen Care is  registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and is a member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association), we not only follow the guidelines set out in the Regulations, but also act in the spirit of best practice for the benefit of all concerned.